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Leslie Myers ( aka Lessie) began creating images on paper at age four, in Minnesota, with the help of her grandmother and her mother. Her grandmother was a seamstress and provided materials such as sequins and rick-rack, things for bedazzlement. Her mother was a fashion illustrator and provided a good work-ethical example, sitting down at the dining room table in the evenings to draw ads for a newspaper. Her mother would look up at an empty coat or dress hanging on a hook, and out of her pen would flow images of a long, lithe woman wearing that coat or dress. Years later, her mother branched out into poured inks and batik, and taught Leslie those skills. 

In her young-adult years, Leslie and her growing family moved every two years, on average, due to her first husband’s work. Usually, in a new place, after first finding a new job as a nurse and/or psychologist, she would search for an art teacher whose work she loved. She learned, for example, Pastels in New Zealand, Watercolors and Collage in North Carolina, and Encaustics (beeswax by blowtorch) in northern Minnesota at a summer art colony near the canoeing wilderness area.

Leslie’s images are often of people she loves, or would love to know. She works from photographs, and says she probably spends “way too much time” on each piece. Usually a very on-time or even early sort of person, when working on a piece she loses all sense of time. It is a joyful experience, a sort of altered or mindful state. 

Leslie does not usually sell her artworks, but instead gives them away as gifts that she expects to outlive her. Perhaps some of them will. She hopes the best ones will, and the lesser attempts will get lost somewhere out there. 

After Leslie’s second husband Marty died of cancer in 2007, she retired and moved to Colorado. She has built a new life in Boulder. With more time and energy, she pours herself into the making of visual images that almost speak out loud. 

Lately she has written poetry for most of her visual pieces. Check her Blog on this site for that poetry. Just a reminder:  please  do not copy any of this material without her permission


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